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The production of high-quality glass begins in the batch plant, where the raw materials are precisely dosed and mixed to form homogeneous batches.  

Lahti’s compact and reliable batch plants incorporate field industry proven machinery, the latest technology and automation solutions. That means ease of maintenance and low operating costs, i.e the best value of ownership.

Solar and low iron glass

In solar applications very high transparency is one of the most critical requirements. Special attention for iron contamination that reduces transparency in raw materials should be taken care of in a batch plant dedicated to low iron glass production. The design of material flow, special materials for contacting surfaces and raw material purification is essential to fulfill such requirements. Lahti’s portfolio also contains the modification of an existing batch plant for the low iron production. Please contact us for additional information.


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Special glass

Production of special glass settles special requirements for raw material handling and batch preparation. LGT customers benefit by realized plenty of different kinds of solutions. Extremely high dosing accuracy, repeatability and homogeneity are fulfilled with LGT value engineering and for such purpose developed equipment. Versatile control system with advanced dosing algorithms and parameters easily settled by operator ensures the controlling and monitoring the qualified production.


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Reinforcement Fiber

Lahti Glass Technology has developed unique, completely pneumatic batch plant technologies for reinforced fiber glass production. They can also be utilized also for other glass types as long as the raw materials are dry and have uniform particle size. The know-how is based on our patented fluidization technology originally used in plaster and mortar dry mixing plants. 

Traditional screw feeders are replaced with air slides and double dosing valves. The only moving part is the dosing valve. Mixing takes place in a unique pulsating pneumatic blender, after which batch is transported pneumatically to the furnace silo. The unique technology allows simpler layouts, easier maintenance, and reduced operating costs. 

Lahti’s innovative recycling system for fiber forming waste was developed jointly with one of our key customers. The unique process does not require energy intensive grinding but instead only shredding of fibers and it incorporates a simple pneumatic transport system of shredded fibers to the furnace silo and finally a loss-in-weigh furnace charger. That enables continuous knowledge of how many kilos per second the infeed is to the furnace.


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Insulation Wool

Nowadays a glass wool production plant is a major user of recycled glass collected from households and industry. Depending on the availability and price of raw materials versus recycled glass (=cullet) the percentage of cullet can vary a lot. This states requirements for the raw material process, which must be adaptive for rapid changes. Lahti’s flexible recipe handling combined with utilization of accurate dosing belt scale technology allows fast change in the cullet percentage. 

Some of the glass wool producers use powder cullet and want to mix cullet with batch in the mixer. For such cases the Lahti mixers with wear resistant liners and mixing tools is a versatile solution.


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Float Glass

Float lines have originally established the glass industry’s most demanding requirements for dosing and weighing accuracy and mixing homogeneity. As a specialized company for accurate dosing and weighing, this has been the key factor of success for the company. Lahti has met the toughest static and dynamic accuracy requirements stated. Consistent quality of mixed batch enables the best quality float glass and high yield of production.

‘Lahti Glass Technology has repeatedly satisfied such needs with all the major global float glass producers, as well as regional and local producers. Our capabilities include all phases of engineering and construction for green field, brown field, and modernization projects. The scope can flexibly vary to meet specific client needs – from the supply of key components and control systems to the entire scope of the batch plant and cullet return system.


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Container Glass

The production of light weight bottles has led to demanding batch quality requirements similar to those of float glass producers.

Lahti Glass Technology batch houses allow for a reliable, clean, and safe operation. Handling systems for additives are easy and safe to operate. Cullet handling systems are robustly built to meet the demands of modern container plants. Our capabilities include all phases of engineering and construction for green field, brown field, and modernization projects.


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Tableware Glass

Several additives for bright colors and ultra-clear glass are commonly needed in the tableware production.

Precise minor ingredient dosing can be secured by using Lahti Glass Technology’s solutions, which can form an automatic or semi-automatic premix system or direct addition of the additives to the batch mixer. Through careful design, contamination due to wear or material leakages is minimized.


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Ultra-thin glass

Glass production for smart phones, tablets, flat TV sets and other electronic devices requires special technology. This starts in a batch plant which has special features compared to a standard plant.

Valuable raw materials and ingredients are exclusively protected against contamination. Also, segregation of the batch is avoided by transporting each batch to the furnace bin without any transfer points. The traditional batch transfer equipment, like belt conveyors, are replaced with automatic batch container transfer system: each batch is transferred in a closed container from the batch plant to the furnace bin by using an automated lift. Details and references are available upon request.


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Borosilicate, opal and technical glass

Lahti Glass Technology’s expertise in batch plants also covers also technical glass production; sodium silicate glass, borosilicate glass, foam glass and funnel glass. For art and decoration glass Lahti Glass Technology has references as well. So practically all kinds of glass production and their special requirements are familiar to us.


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Recycling plants for the glass industry

Environmental awareness and endeavor towards the sustainable development have raised the demands of the recycling the waste glass. This brings Value Engineering into the spotlight, with which the best operating and the most cost-effective layouts and solutions can be found. With expert engineering, utilizing the best equipment and systems available, we can provide recycling plants that fills all the requirements.


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