Fibre waste recycling plant in Latvia – reuse instead of landfill waste

Lahti Glass Technology (LGT) has signed a contract to supply a fibre waste recycling plant in Latvia. The fibreglass factory always generates fibre waste, which has long been hazardous waste and dumped in landfills. The amount of fibre waste can be relatively high, so we are talking about important issues from many different perspectives. 

Instead of environmental problems and high waste charges, the method developed by LGT turns the customer's fibre waste into a new raw material for the process, so there are a lot of benefits for the customer. The waste fee savings alone mean that the payback period for the investment is remarkably short. In addition, the mill also partly saves on the use of virgin raw materials by replacing them with fibre waste. 

The fibre waste has to be treated before it can be reused. The fibre bundles have to be chopped, shredded and dried in order to be reused. For drying, the mill can use the waste heat from the flue gases of its own furnace, which is sufficient to dry the fibre waste to its full capacity. After drying, the fibre waste is taken to the mills, where the chopped fibre is made into a powdered and thus ready raw material for reuse. 

Experience in recycling fibre waste already exists 

The fibre waste recycling plant in Latvia is not the first for LGT. A similar plant has been delivered to Norway in the past, but the one to be delivered to Latvia is a further development of the process. 


"That's the core of what we do: turning customer challenges into solutions." 


"Whereas in Norway the fibre waste is shredded and taken directly to the smelting plant, in Latvia the fibre waste, after processing, is taken as a powder to silos, where it is added to the recipe as one component among many other raw materials", says Jamshid Shidfar, Sales Manager at LGT. 

"The Norwegian project was an important and instructive case for us, which has allowed us to further improve our methods. Every case is different and therefore a challenge. That's the core of what we do: turning customer challenges into solutions. We are very proud of this project in Latvia," says Jarmo Näppi, Senior Advisor at LGT. 


Jamshid Shidfar 

Sales Manager, Projects 

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