A challenge with a glass batch or recycling plant? You are in the right place!

Whether you are in demand for a whole new batch plant, or your existing plant might need modernization, we have paved the way for you as easy as it can be. And you don’t have to lower the level of your demands.  

We offer you a co-operative lifecycle partnership with our experience of almost 300 plants and Nordic know-how. With our help you can focus on your core business more efficiently and care-free.  

Throw us your challenge, we are ready to step up to the plate.


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Glass industries we serve

The production of high-quality glass begins in the batch plant, where the raw materials are precisely dosed and mixed to form homogeneous batches.  

Lahti’s compact and reliable batch plants incorporate field industry proven machinery, the latest technology and automation solutions. That means ease of maintenance and low operating costs, i.e the best value of ownership.


Lahti Glass Technology is the leading Nordic specialist supplier in the demanding field of the glass industry. With the experience over decades and almost 300 batch plants Lahti Glass Technology is one of the most internationally significant suppliers to the glass melting industry. 

We offer you a straightforward and effective route to boost your operations, whether you are in demand for a whole new batch plant or your existing plant might need reinforcement or modernization.  We take care of your challenges with the batch and recycling plants and provide you solutions engineered with Nordic know-how and sustainable mindset.

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